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Wayne Baker Brooks
ABF Episode 24-4

This week on America's Black Forum: We discuss how Postpartum Depression impacts more than 10 percent of new mothers in America. And it’s even twice as bad for Black women. We hear we will hear how bad it got for April Sunny, a Baltimore mother. We rock out with Award-winning musician Wayne Baker Brooks who combines various genres including blues, rock, soul, and funk. Learn more about StreetSquash, a youth development program providing academic tutoring, intense squash instruction, community service, mentoring, literacy enrichment, college preparation, fitness, and nutrition programs.

Elliott Johnson
ABF Episode 24-3

This week on America's Black Forum: Elliott Johnson is an army of one in the craft beer space as the CEO of DC-based craft beer company, Soul Mega. We dine at Chesa's Bistro & Bar, founded by Chef CheSa, who is also the proud owner of CheSa's Gluten Tootin Free Food Trucks. CheSa shares how she recently launched her first full-service restaurant. Brooklyn has recently seen the opening of the city’s only Black-owned comedy and live music venue, 275 Park, owned by Ray Dejon, who in his earlier years, was a co-host on the longest-running hip-hop video show, Video Music Box.